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When I open an electronic gift, such as this DMX-40 Morse Transceiver Radio Texting System, I want to start playing with it immediately! I don't want to wait until I find batteries, or the right power supply, or anything else stopping me from turning the new gift on and finding out how it works!

To this end, we have created the DMX-40 Christmas Gift Bundle, just for your favorite ham radio person! It is a great "first radio" for a new licensee, or even a great motivator for getting the license in the first place. For the older generation, it is a great aid for getting up to speed, recovering lost capability, or just getting into CW like they always wanted to, but never got around to. After all, until the DMX-40, getting into CW took a lot of work. Now, no work at all! The decoding and encoding is all done in the magic box. It's a computer and a transceiver - no extra PC required! And it will cut through that QRM band noise and continue working, even in fade outs where you can no longer hear the signal, but it can.

For details on what's included in the package, click on the photo below.

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