PreppComm transceivers DMX-40 Morse Code Transceiver
PreppComm transceivers DMX-40 Morse Code Transceiver
PreppComm transceivers DMX-40 Morse Code Transceiver
PreppComm transceivers DMX-40 Morse Code Transceiver
PreppComm transceivers DMX-40 Morse Code Transceiver
PreppComm transceivers DMX-40 Morse Code Transceiver
PreppComm transceivers DMX-40 Morse Code Transceiver
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The Original Morse Transceiver!

Check out the DMX Bundles below.

Introduced in 2020, this was the beginning of the Morse Revolution! Improved numerous times over the years of its life, it continues to be popular and at a very attractive price as a transceiver and computer in a small, lightweight, and portable low power communications system running off of 12V. Based on many customer reviews, emails, and phone conversations, we can claim to have the best decoder in the universe, backed up by hundreds of hams around the world who have tested it against everything out there!

Available in new and refurbished models

Select NEW or REFURBISHED from the Condition Selector.

Refurbished DMX-40's are in excellent "like new" condition, with any scratched panels replaced. Visible damage is essentially non-existent or difficult to find.

There is a limited supply of the refurbished DMX-40's available, and more become available from time to time. If you see "SOLD OUT" when you select REFURBISHED

DMX-40 Overview

The DMX-40 comes with its own keyboard, protective lid, touch-screen cleaning cloth, and a screw-adaptor plug for connection to a 12 volt battery. It is a mere 11 oz of integrated electronics, including three powerful microprocessors, plus a 3-watt QRP transceiver. One microprocessor is responsible for the graphical user interface (GUI), while the other handle the many tasks required to produce an amazing experience for the user. No computer required - built in! All you need is a 12V power source, an antenna, a powered speaker or headphone, and the included keyboard and you are ready to join the CW revolution!

World’s Best CW Decoder! Decodes in Noise!

We are not just blowing our own horn here: it is our customers who tell us this, based on thousands of hours with hundreds of locations and users all over the globe, who have compared the DMX-40 decoder with everything else out there! The tell us nothing beats it! The decoder is based on a combination of analog and digital signal processing to separate the signal from the noise, and can on occasion decode a signal you can’t even hear under the noise!

2 in 1: Base Station Companion & QRP Transceiver

The DMX-40 is a unique 2-in-1 product: an intelligent decoder and encoder for your base station - we call it External Mode - and a built-in QRP transceiver for 40 meters. In External Mode, augmenting your main transceiver, it can operate on any band your transceiver operates on. In QRP stand-alone transceiver mode, it works only 40 meters. The accessory External Transceiver Cable Assembly is available to simplify the connection to an external transceiver.

Powerful yet Easy to Use GUI

Equipped with over 10 unique features found on no other transceiver on the market, at any price, along with its color touchscreen GUI, extensive help menus, powerful computer automation - essentially a PC and a transceiver in a single box - and 28 different graphic screens, the DMX-40 offers you more than anything else on the market, and is still small and lightweight. It comes with a protective lid, and many accessories are available.

Learning Code? Or just Texting?

The DMX-40 is the absolute best training tool for learning Morse code. Utilizing "Cognitive Association" for learning to hear incoming code and translating each character and word automatically in your head happens after only a few months by listening and watching the code appear translated into text on the LCD. Of course you are already doing this - so there is zero work involved - just happens: your brain learns. Our customers tell us after a few months, they start thinking the character in their mind before it shows up on the screen. Effortless learning!

For sending, use the key to send to the decoder, in Receive Mode. The decoder processes this as if it is another station, and tells you what it thinks you are sending, and the speed you are sending at. Much better than just listening to your code. And of course you can hear the code as well on the DMX-40 headphone out.

Great Technicians: Get on HF!

The DMX-40 is the perfect solution for technician class licensees for getting on the HF bands, without having to learn CW first! Start out by merely texting, and using the built-in QSO automation, and grow from there, using our powerful RPL (Rig Programming Language) to customize the rig to your specifications!

Give Your Teen Something Fun!

The DMX-40 is great for teenagers! Get them off their social media, and onto World Media, via ham radio! It will train their brain from the crazy thinking today into a strong, logical thinking process, and it will be tremendous fun, looking for that contact in a distant country, or finding a friend in Europe, South America, or the tropical islands!

How About Advanced Hams?

You might think that a product like the DMX-40, which was designed for emergency situations (hams use CW to get out in emergencies because it gets through when other modes don’t) would not provide anything useful for an advanced ham operator. WRONG! Many operators can copy 15 to 20 WPM but can’t copy 30, for example. Some have tried to learn CW but have failed, for many reasons. Others have physical limitations that make it difficult to use a key. The DMX-40 provides a solution for all of these cause and more. The powerful RPL microprogramming language enables an advanced ham operator to extensively customize the automation of the DMX-40 for contests, net control, and general operation according to their particular operating style.

DMX-40 Summary

The DMX-40 has something for everyone! At a very affordable price, and an even more affordable price for an almost new Refurbished unit! You can’t get features like this anywhere else, and the price is a great inflation fighter! The DMX-40 price has survived the Biden Inflation and remains at the same price it was at in 2019!

KEYBOARD IS INCLUDED, as well as a small set of wired earbuds!  Also check out our DMX-40 accessories!


DMX-40 Bundles

To make it easier to purchase the DMX, we offer 4 bundles:

  1. The DMX Bundle: this includes a stand, dummy load, cable adaptor, and cable assembly
  2. The DMX Complete Bundle: to #1 above we add a powered speaker, A/C USB power block, 5V to 12V cable, audio cable, and USB cable for a truly complete setup
  3. The DMX EMP Bundle: To #1 above we add an EMP Shield zip-lock, a roll-up keyboard and cable, and an interior canvas bag for the DMX to protect the EMP Shield from sharp corners on the DMX
  4. The DMX EMP Complete Bundle: To #2 above we add an EMP Shield zip-lock, a roll-up keyboard and cable, and an interior canvas bag for the DMX to protect the EMP Shield from sharp corners on the DMX. We also add a second EMP Shield bag to protect the speaker, USB Power Block, and 5V-12V cable, all of which have sensitive electronics within them


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DMX-40 Morse Code Transceiver

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“I have been very impressed with your product. It’s leaps and bounds better then all the other hardware and software decoders I’ve used over the years.”  James Hannibal, KH2SR The Tech Examiner

“… yours has been working much better in high noise than any I have used available at Hobby Prices.”  Art Upton K8XG

“Within an hour of getting the DMx-40 decoder working with my transceiver, it matched and far exceeded the decoding performance of MRP40. With practice, this can only improve.  In a CW pileup, and full break in CW confusion. MRP40 decoded everything it heard, which was all the signals shuffled together. DMX tracked the one CW signal I selected, and plowed through the pileup.”— Daniel Lockhart,  KJ7YOJ

“A great service department makes a fabulous company. I’ll recommend your company to everyone I know who’s looking for a product and even better service.” — Robert Long, KI5NMP

“This radio has been a awesome rig with a great receiver that outperforms my Kenwood ts440. And then decoder of this rig is superior to my mfj encoder decoder.” — Michael Maddalena, KJ6KIZ

“I’ve set my DXM-40A in External mode with my Xiegu G90 yesterday when it arrived. It works very well and ignores noise. It works so well that I sold my K1EL Reader/Keyboard Keyer already today. It did not work well with any noise. Thanks for the quick shipping even during the Expo.” — Art Upton, K8XG

“The training feature of this rig for me can’t be beat. I now see in real time when my dits, dots and spaces are decipherable. I can see in real time when the spacing between my words make words legible. This rig even tells me my sending speed (wpm). I am completely happy with this feature as I am now able to truly work towards a more clean, disciplined, confident and fun CW experience.” — Gary Dingman, KG7CSD

  • Unparalleled Decoder Capability in Noisy Environments:  With its unique signal processing algorithms, the Morse Code decoder outperforms all others.
  • Type and Read in English:  Use the included QWERTY keyboard to type, while hearing outgoing and in incoming Morse Code, aiding in learning the code subconsciously.
  • (Optional) Learn Morse Code:  The included Morse Code Key-In capability with built-in decoder testing aids in learning the Code.
  • Automated Send/Receive Protocols:  Enter your call sign and other information for station setup.  Remote station call sign captures automatically.  All call and answer protocols are automatic – you only type your message.  Or change the protocol via built-in micro-program editor.
  • Set your maximum comfortable typing speed:  While the DMX-40 can send very fast, it’s best to limit speed so you don’t starve the transmitter.  A unique feature that maximizes the use of the type-ahead buffer in transmit mode calculates your comfortable typing speed automatically.
  • Super Power Micro-programming System:  Besides simple automating common text segments, the micro-programming system allows control over the transmitter, enabling many advanced features.  12 micro-programs up to 60 characters each.

Click Here for a Complete Features List

  • Advanced Direct Conversion SDR Receiver: with custom filter, balanced mixer, and low-noise preamp giving sensitivity 0.3µV, -118 dBm
  • GUI: 3.5″ color touchscreen LCD
  • Weight: 11 oz with protective lid
  • Size: 3.8″ x 5.2″ x (1.3″ w/o lid, 2.25″ w/lid)
  • Power Consumption, receive:  Approx. 1.4 watt, LCD backlight ON, approx. 0.96 watts with LCD backlight OFF.
  • Power Consumption, transmit (average, 50% keydown):  Approx. 3.4 watts at 12V input.  Rises to 4.8 watts at 16V input (16V MAX)
  • Power Output:  Approx. 3 Watts at 12V input, Approx. 4.5 Watts at 16V input (16V MAX)
  • Average Power, based on 25% transmit, LCD always on:  1.9 watts at 12V, 2.3 watts at 16V (16V MAX)
  • Receive Tuning Range: 4.9 MHz to 10.2 MHz.
  • Transmit Enabled Range: Extra Class: 7.0 MHz to 7.3 MHz,  General Class: 7.025-7.125 MHz and 7.175-7.3 MHz,   Technician Class: 7.025-7.125 MHz.


The DMX-40 Morse Code Decoder & Convertor Transceiver combines a state-of-the-art decoder, a color touchscreen graphical user interface (GUI), a Software-Defined Receiver (SDR) and a QRP (Low Power) transmitter, all powered off of a 12V power source, packed into a small, lightweight and very portable package.

The decoder uses innovative digital and analog signal processing circuitry and algorithms to overcome the typical noise found in most real band operating conditions.

GUI for countless features

The GUI includes a full menu system, and 28 unique graphic screens to accomplish an amazing set of features, some not found in transceivers at any price.

Automated functioning

Computer automation simplifies the process of calling and interacting with automated station ID’s and remote station call sign capture. The built-in automation can be user-modified using the powerful microprogramming language RPL (Rig Programming Language), with unique capabilities.

Operate on any band

Operating modes include normal transceiver mode and the unique External Mode, which allows operation with an external transceiver. Using this feature, operation an any band with the full decode and encode function, including automation, is possible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Just as advertised.


Just like new

Mark Hutchison
an awesome tool for rusty operators

I have been using my DMX-40 for some time now and can with out a doubt say this radio is one of the best tools I have ever used to upgrade my skill level in sending and receiving code. I used this radio to learn to use a paddle in a very short amount of time. The fact that you can use the decoder to make sure your timing is correct is awesome. It is a great QRP rig or a great addition to your regular rig. The screen comes in very handy when the band is noisy or old ears just didn't catch it. The documentation and support is second to none and I would recommend this radio and company to anyone. thank you for a great job. Mark Hutchison VA3MWH

Just a note: an external keyer was used for the paddle, as only Pure Morse is accepted by the DMX-40. The keyer takes the paddle input, the settings by the user, and outputs Pure Morse. By feeding that into the DMX-40 in receive mode, Mark is using it to decode his keying, helping him to improve it.

David McClain
A new standard in decoding!

I just received my DMX-40 this afternoon. After fiddling around with it for a while, and finally reading portions of the reference manual, I tuned around at 18:30 MST on 20 meters and found a conversation.

The decoding blew me away when the signals faded below audible (to me!) and yet the DMX-40 kept decoding in a sensible way! When the signal quickly returned the decoding turned out to be absolutely correct.

Up to now, CW Skimmer has been the high bar for sensible decoding. But now the DMX-40 sets new levels of standard.

Very good, guys!!

- DM

I am not sure if David has a DMX-40 or an MMX, because he refers to tuning on 20 meters... ! I am quite certain you can't tune in 20 meters on a DMX-40... :) Anyway, yes, I have had the same experience myself and it always amazes me that it can still hear it when I can't. We use the same decoder on both the DMX-40 and the MMX, so it really does not matter which he has... Thanks for the feedback, David!

Eddie Currie KB2VPO
A Quality product backed by a responsive customer service!

My Morse Code Translater arrived yesterday.

I was impressed by the secure packaging, the inclusion of a power supply adapter and cleaning cloth, the warning not to operate the device without a load on the antenna port, the impressive clarity and color scheme of the display, the inclusion of a screen protector etc.

All in all, quite a wonderful surprise that there are company's that go way out of their way to offer a quality product.

I could not be happier with with my purchase and the product.

And one final note, Eric is extremely responsive, perhaps the best aspect of the entire experience.