Combo DMX Plus GO Bag:  Save $50!

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Prepped, Personal, Portable

The Combo DMX GO Bag combines the Pro Station GO Bag with the DMX-40 transceiver, and is designed to be a complete radio station in a ready-to-go attractive convertible bag.  This Combo bag includes everything you need to set up a portable 40M QRP station.

The bag transforms into a backpack, a messenger bag, or a shoulder bag simply by storing or releasing various straps and handles. The bag has many zippered compartments, many of which are available for personal items, and is made of water-resistant canvas. For heavy downpours  a camouflage waterproof cover extends around the entire bag to protect bag and components within from water damage.

Besides the 40M end-fed antenna and quick setup kit, a complete solar battery power system supports continuous operation of the station. Mylar-on-metal bag adds EMP protection while stored or carried..

Save $50 off from separate purchase. 

International Orders:  Batteries Not Included,  Battery Bank Case requires eight 18650 batteries to be installed by user, as we cannot ship Li-Ion batteries internationally.

Combo DMX Plus GO Bag: Save $50!

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Large Transformable Water-Resistant Canvas Bag:  8 separate zipper compartments, transformable to backpack, shoulder bag, or messenger bag, with waterproof cover.  Waterproof camouflage cover included.

Weighs Under 8 Pounds Fully Loaded:  Your complete station, including transceiver and keyboard is easy to cary.

EMP Protection:  Includes -45 dB mylar-on-metal bag with unique closer

Solar/Li-Ion Power System:  Contains 14 Watt solar panel and 28,000 mah battery bank that can power the DMX-40 for long periods with minimal sunlight.

40 Meter Antenna:  PreppComm designed No-Tune low SWR antenna for great performance is easy to set up with the included

Antenna Setup Kit and detailed Antenna Setup Instructions

Everything you need for a complete portable radio station!

  • Canvas bag: 18″ x 13″ x 6″ loaded, transforms to backpack, messenger bag, or shoulder bag.
  • Battery Bank: 28,000 milliamp-hour rated, dual USB outputs (2.1 amp and 1 amp), and dual micro USB inputs for dual charging, with dual charging cable, plus a dual LED flashlight with High, Low, and Blink modes. LCD display shows percentage of charge, status of outputs and inputs.
  • Antenna lead-in coax: 3 meters LMR-100
  • PreppComm designed 40 Meter No-Tune End-Fed Antenna:  Antenna VSWR as low as 1.1:1 in the CW portion of the 40 meter band, and below 1.5:1 (typical) for the entire 40 meter band, when set up as directed in the included instructions.  Antenna length is approx. 68 feet.  Includes antenna wire winder.
  • Antenna Setup Kit:  Contains everything you need for quick setup:  ground stakes and flags, 30′ and 15′ paracord on spools with cord locks, throw weight, wire tags and clips, and Antenna Setup Guide.
  • 14W Solar Panel:  dual USB outputs, and a USB to dual micro-USB double-speed charging cable.
  • Mylar-on-Metal EMP Bag: protects at -45 dB against EMP pulse, with 10″ bag sealing system.
  • Earphones:  by Panosonic or Sony
  • Waterproof Camouflage Cover.
  • Antenna and Guy Cable Tags with clips to make it easy to see the antenna and guy cables.  Avoids accidents and injuries.

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