About PreppComm Community

About PreppComm Community

PreppComm set up the PreppComm Communiy to provide assistance to help you get up and running. We’re grateful to be a part of the ham radio QRP (low power), CW (Morse Code) and prepper world, for knowledge sharing and camaraderie. The best way we can serve you with helpful information and answers to your questions is to invite you to join our PreppComm Community.

The PreppComm Community is a place where our staff posts information about ham radio in general and how to use our products in particular.  We will answer questions about the product posted on the Community by both customers and potential customers.  Likewise, our customer base will also jump in and answer questions, as well.

Posting Comments

When you desire to post a comment on a previous post, there are comment fields for that purpose.

Posting a Question:  Topics

When posting a question, please check the available topic areas, and select the appropriate topic to post your question.  A properly placed post will receive the most attention and get answered sooner.

Joining and Returning to the Community

Joining is easy – just click on the PreppComm Community button below.  If this is your first time, your request to join will be processed and you will receive an email when you are welcomed into the Community. Looking forward to your contributions!

If you are already a member of the Community, the button will get you back in.  You can, of course, add a bookmark in your web browser for direct access.


We have, on this site, a short FAQ page. This needs extending. So, if you want to suggest what should be on the list, contact us on our About page.

The PreppComm Team

Preppcomm Community