Morse Code & Ham Radio Resources

PreppComm is here to help you get up and running. We’re grateful to be a part of the ham radio prepper world of DIY, knowledge sharing and camaraderie. We’ve provided industry links to further your capabilities and find others in your community.

Helpful Industry Links


The Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) exists to advance the art, science, and enjoyment of Amateur Radio. The ARRL is involved in the international community and regulatory affairs. ARRL has over 160k members. is a world wide callsign database.

Repeater Book is Amateur Radio’s most comprehensive, worldwide, free repeater directory. With this resource you can find Hams in your area, including their frequency.

Getting Licensed

We have dedicated a page to the options for licensing. You’ll be up and running in no time.

Learning Morse Code

Morse gets through, especially with PreppComm’s Morse Decoder and Converter Transceiver. Learning to receive is enhanced by listening and watching, as each character appears on the text display shortlyl after it is received, giving you time to decide what it was and then see if you got it – instant feedback!  Sending code training is evern better!  Using the KEY-IN feature in Receive Mode, you have the intellegent decoder system listening to your keying and showing you what another operator is likely to think you are sending.  It forces you to be aware of your timing between characters within words, and between words.  These are the most common failures that new code senders make.


You’ll find comprehensive, free training at CW OPs CW Academy. There is no cost or obligation to participate in CWops CW Academy Classes and
membership is not required. Enrollment is open to anyone with the desire to learn or improve their proficiency in Morse Code.