About Us

About the Company

PreppComm is a small electronics manufacturing company based near Sandpoint, Idaho, specializing in communications innovation for the amateur radio community.  Its first product, manufactured here in North Idaho is the  DMX-40 Morse Code Decoder and Converter Transceiver, which has taken the industry by storm. 

Decoder technology leaps ahead of the pack

All credit to operators who are proficient in Morse code. And for learners, PreppComm is here to give you a hand up. The DMX-40 Decoder and Converter Transceiver is your light-weight take-along for operating in so many differing environments. The possibilities are endless. Its complementary GO Bag outfits you to set up communications wherever you go, no repeater required.

Learning CW

Now, as you type out your message in English, you hear it transmitting in CW. Likewise, as you hear an incoming CW message, you see it on the GUI display. Your brain readily coordinates the learning process. Your journey to mastery is smoother now. Morse word formations become native to you.

And practicing with a key into the decoder, you know you are getting better and better. You see it. You hear it. The dits and dahs flow in a steadier stream, and your hand spaces the characters more evenly. It’s not gibberish anymore. You know you are going to be understood at the other end.

Preparing for emergency communications

Preppers who look for that personal, portable emergency communications device adopt the DMX-40 as their lifeline. With an eye to threats political—including EMP dangers—and threats environmental—severe storms, fires, floods, and coronal mass ejections—they gear up their preparations.

PreppComm has released an efficient, affordable, local and long distance communication system that is not dependent on external infrastructure.

Eric Anderson, Founder

Anderson has patented 150 digital photography, image processing, signal processing, operating systems, and internet and mobile technologies.  Anderson worked for Apple for 9 years, and helped spin off FlashPoint Technology to deliver digital camera GUI-based operating system products for Kodak, Minolta, and H/P.