PreppComm AmRRON Discount Store

Notice to AmRRON members:  if you are looking for the AmRRON discount for the DMX-40A or the COMBO DMX-A Plus GO Bag, this method of accessing the discount has been terminated due to some issues we cannot fix.

A new method has been set up, available for a ONE TIME use by each MEMBER of AmRRON.  If you are a member, you can log in to the AmRRON website and get the code.  If it has not yet been set up, please contact JJS for the code.  The code is to be entered at checkout to receive the discount.

A single order can include multiple units, and accessories, but the discount does not apply to the accessories.

Finally, this code is for MEMBERS of AmRRON ONLY!  If we discover the code is being shared with the public or non-members, this offer will no longer be available.  Don’t be the one to cause all AmRRON members to lose this opportunity by breaking this rule.

And thank you for your interest in PreppComm products!