Becoming a Ham Radio Enthusiast with the MMX

Do you wonder how to get started with ham radio? A traditional approach might be to buy all the equipment needed in a ham radio kit for voice transmission and reception. Using a morse key often seems a daunting prospect to the new ham radio operator.

The MMX can be considered a starting product for ham radio

Here at PreppComm Amateur Radio, we provide products that cut down that learning process; we provide Morse Made Easy™. So there is no need to see the MMX, for example, as just an add-on to the ham’s existing equipment, though, of course, it does make an excellent addition. But the new operator of ham radios could see the MMX as a starting point for her hobby.

The reason for not starting with morse is obvious; it was always easier to start by talking. PreppComm’s products have changed that paradigm. Radio hams can now start with morse, even if they have not learned it yet! A radio ham starts by typing her messages as text, using her MMX, and allowing it to encode the message for transmission. The ease with which the MMX will decode the incoming replies will be an excellent way to get into ham radio.

So what are you waiting for? As soon as the radio ham has her Technician level license, the MMX can be among her first purchases.

Who will you be texting by MMX encoded and decoded morse this week?

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