PreppComm Antennas NO TUNE 40/20 Meter End-Fed Antenna with Setup Kit
PreppComm Antennas NO TUNE 40/20 Meter End-Fed Antenna with Setup Kit
PreppComm Antennas NO TUNE 40/20 Meter End-Fed Antenna with Setup Kit
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NO TUNE 40/20 Meter End-Fed Antenna with Unique Setup Kit


This is a very unique antenna designed initially for the Professional Ham Station GO Bag, and now extended to multi-band for MMX. It operates on both 40 meters and 20 meters, and does not need to be tuned. This is accomplished via a unique transformer in the antenna matchbox, but requires a counterpoise to operate correctly. The counterpoise wire is of course included as part of the antenna, and complete setup instructions for a sloper and inverted V configurations are included. The antenna is designed for temporary setup using the included setup kit, and is not intended for a permanent setup. It is a truly stealthy, lightweight, portable antenna.  However, we include in the setup kit tags (not shown in the images) and flags to use when stealth is not required, to prevent accidental damage to the antenna or persons running into the virtually invisible wire and paracord. And the antenna kit is packaged in a very handsome waterproof 14 oz heavy duty waterproof canvas zipper pouch, to keep everything together and for easy carrying and storage. Canvas color may vary. Note that each component is within its own ziplock bag inside the canvas bag, to keep things neat and organized.

The Antenna

The antenna itself is designed around information documented by AA5TB in his extensive review of end fed antennas with and without counterpoise wires. As far as we know, our design is unique, and utilizes a fascinating point on the curve where the antenna becomes nearly pure resistive as a load, and thus, is radiating nearly all of the applied power into the atmosphere. It operates well in several configurations, but the easiest to set up are the two mentioned above, sloper and inverted-v. Extensive instructions for setup and takedown are included with the kit in a plastic document folder, and the PDF file is here if you want to print it in another format.

The antenna consists of two PolyStealth AWG 26 wires - one, the antenna main wire, and the other, the required counterpoise. The PolyStealth wire is copper-coated steal multiple strand wire, coated with a black anti-UV and anti-reflective coating.  It is extremely difficult to see even when you know where it is! Thus, the included tags and flags.

The Setup Kit

This is a totally unique kit. The goal was to provide a way to quickly set up the antenna without cutting or tying knots, so it would be easy to take down, store, and use again. This is not as easy to achieve as it sounds! We had 3 or 4 forays into the field to test different approaches before we finally found the combination that met our goals. Finding the right components was a very time-consuming process, as well.

Included are two spools with 1.18 mm black paracord - 30' on one, and 15' on the other. These are used for "guy" cables for the two described configurations. In addition, a spool hanger is provided for the inverted V configuration, to prevent the antenna wire from coming in contact with the supporting tree limb or other support, which would seriously detune and reduce efficiency of the antenna.

Also included is a lead weight with carabiner to attach to the 30' or 15' length of paracord for throwing over a tree limb during the setup process. This step must be done carefully, watching out for possible bounce-backs or hitting another person standing on the other side of the support.

There are 3 ground stakes to support the two antenna configurations, as well as 3 flags to place where the ground stakes are located, to prevent damage by accidentally tripping over the stakes and attached wire or paracord. Finally, there are tags that can be attached via a clip to the paracord or antenna to men it visible to anyone walking or running in the vicinity. Of course you would not use these in a true stealth situation.

 The Application

This antenna and setup kit were designed specifically for QRP rapid deployment and extraction, for use such as POTA, Field Day, and portable operation. Thus, the antenna and setup kit are lightweight, and stealth when needed. The heaviest item is the lead sinker used as the throw weight. While a local rock can be used as a weight, it is hard to attach a carabiner to a rock! Thus, we include it in the package.

The zipper 14 oz heavy duty waterproof canvas pouch is 13.3" x 9.4" and weighs a mere 1.6 pounds fully loaded with the antenna and setup kit.

Also included

Also included in the package are two additional cables, to attach the antenna to your MMX or DMX transceiver.  One is a 3 meter (9.6 feet) SMA male to female LMR-100 cable, and the second is a 8 meter (26 feet) SMA male to female LMR-200 cable. These cables can be combined for a total of 13 meters, or about 37 feet length.

All you need to go on the air is a QRP transceiver, such as the MMX Multi-Band Morse Transceiver. For power, consider the SuperPower Solar Battery System.

NO TUNE 40/20 Meter End-Fed Antenna with Setup Kit

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