PreppComm Announces: International Shipping

We’ve taken notice of you international visitors to the PreppComm website and appreciate your interest in the DMX-40. Until now we’ve shipped only to the U.S. and Canada, but the level of your interest says it’s time to accommodate more operators. As of the end of May 2021we extended the range of our deliveries with our e-commerce provider and are shipping orders to several other countries, including England, Australia and several E.U. countries.

But what if you live outside the bounds of current transport? Despair not. We do pay attention to the level of interest in any given region. Write to us. Call us. Let us know what interests you. We do pay attention and extend shipping when it is possible.

How it works

We have made it as easy as possible for you to place an order. It’s pretty straightforward. You’ll place your item(s) in the cart and see options for shipping, including the cost and the time to delivery. When you have figured out the time vs. cost trade-off, select the one that works best for you.

After you have processed your order and your cart is ready, proceed to checkout. You’ve stated the shipping option you want. We’ll use it when we attach the appropriate label to the package. We also attach three copies of the customs information. You, the customer, are required to pay any fees or import duties your country commands for delivery.  They will contact you for payment.

Getting it out of customs

You may have to do some homework to ascertain the cost of releasing your package from customs. Over here, on our end, we have no knowledge of what those fees or import duties are. It would be convenient if we could tell you how much it costs. We can’t. Alas, we don’t know what the fees and duties are for each country we ship to.

Please be forewarned. If you fail to pay those fees, the shipping company will be forced to return the package to us in the U.S. At that point our only choice is to provide you a partial refund, after subtracting the shipping cost and a restocking fee. Protect yourself. Make sure you are ready to deal with the fees and import duty charges before you order!


  • All of EU is able to order. If you can’t place an order, then your country is not listed. However, we have had trouble with Germany recently, so we are not sure what is happening there.

    Eric Anderson
  • Italy is included in the list of EU countries where it is possible to receive the DMX-40, provided that my custom duties are paid by me?
    73 de IU3BRO

  • Hi,

    My callsign is DS2KTZ located in South Korea.
    I would like to buy Professional 40 Meter Station GO Bag, but shipping is only US or Canada.
    Please advise me how to buy it.

    Best Regards,
    SW Kim.

    Seonwoo Kim

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