Download the DMX-40 Reference Manual

DMX-40 Reference Manual

A full, cross-linked PDF reference manual for all features and functions of the DMX-40.  Total 91 pages.  This document is set up to allow you to find answers to your questions while operating your DMX-40 transceiver, or just because you want to know how a specific feature works, with an extensive and organized set of linked Table of Contents, with 23 sections and 10 appendices.

The DMX-40 Reference Manual explains in detail how to set up your DMX-40. It explains programming your call sign into the device, and how to use the various buttons on the screen. There are chapters on the Menus and the Keyboard controls. And there are full instructions on calling someone, answering someone and dealing with RIT tuning.

In short, this is the reference work that you need to get the most out of your DMX-40.