PreppComm MMX Complete EMP Bundle

The MMX Complete EMP Bundle

This is the complete EMP bundle: everything you need to get started, just add an antenna. In fact, since this bundle includes a dummy load, you don't need an antenna to start practicing with this MMX, and believe it or not, people have made contacts using a dummy load! And, of course, we add in the EMP shield bag, folding keyboard, and internal canvas bag for the MMX for storage in case of an EMP event. A second EMP shield bag is included to protect the speaker, 5V to 12V cable, and USB power block.

This is a combination of the tri-band MMX plus a complete set of accessories, for the purpose of simplifying the purchase, protection, and use of an MMX-based radio. This includes:

1. The tri-band MMX Morse Transceiver, providing QRP operation on 80, 40, and 20 meters, plus all bands and more power using your existing station transceiver. Keyboard is included.
2. The Transceiver Cable Assembly, enabling convenient interconnection to your existing transceiver for more power and more bands
3. The MMX stand, to enable the screen to be visible at a 45 degree angle
4. The cable adaptor, for use to connect to a RG-239 connector on an existing antenna. This is used for QRP operation, using the built-in transmitter and receiver.
5. HF/VHF/UHF to 6 GHz 5W Dummy Load, to keep your transmitter safe when not using a properly tuned antenna
6. The MMX Powered Speaker, which provides you with a great sound from your MMX for CW, AM shortwave, and of course SSB stations (Of course the MMX is CW transmit only). An audio cable to connect to the MMX, and a USB charging cable are included.
7. AC to USB wall plug with 2.1A and 1.0A outputs. Use 2.1A to run the MMX via the included 5V to 12V cable, and use the 1.0A output to charge the speaker.
8. 5V to 12V cable, connects the USB wall plug to the MMX with enough power to transmit at full QRP power.
9. Transceiver EMP Bundle, which is used to protect the MMX, and includes a zip-lock EMP Shield bag, a roll-up keyboard and interior canvas bag for the MMX (protects the inside of the EMP Shield bag).
10. An extra EMP Shield bag for the speaker, USB power block, and the 5V to 12V cable, all of which have electronics inside to be protected from EMP.
11. A small set of wired earbuds for listening in private.

More details can be viewed on each of the product pages using the links above. You need an antenna, and for temporary setup or portable use, check out our 40/20 NO TUNE Antenna. Also, if you are going portable, you need a 5V supply, such as our Solar Battery System. And finally, you can stash it all in the Deluxe Canvas EMP Bag!

MMX Complete EMP Bundle

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